Diamond wire saw for cutting

  • Material: Steel wire,Diamond,nickel
  • Size: Excepting the regular sizes, other sizes can be customized according to customers’ requirement.

Diamond Tools

Diamond blade
Diamond segment
Diamond/CBN grinding wheel
Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC cutter)
Diamond grinding tools
Diamond polishing pads
Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Wire Saw Rope
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For Sapphire Customized Steel Slicing Si Wafer Silicon Cutting Price Diamond Wire Saw Tools

1)The speed of electroplated diamond wire cutting is two to three times of motar cutting;
2)Improve productivity without an increase of investment;
3) Lower the consumption of electricity and water in production process;
4) No mortar mixing, and no need to build mortar recycling system;
5) Good surface cutting quality, high cutting accuracy, able to improve overall thickness deviation and warping degree;
6) No hazardous wastes of PEG and SiC, and is clean, high-efficiency in production;
7) Stable quality and good reproducibility;
Item Diamond Wire Diameter(um) Core Diameter(um) Grain Size(um) Minimum breaking load(N) Application
3B80 96±5 80±5 7~14 20 Crystal Silicon Slice
3B70 84±5 70±5 7~14 17.5
3B65 77±5 65±5 7~14 14.1
3B60 72±5 60±5 7~14 12.5

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