Architectural engineering and building materials industry

Diamond tools are widely used in processing natural marble, granite, artificial cast stone, terrazzo,titles, concrete and other building materials.

Mining of the natural stones, using the diamond wire saw is the most advanced and most economical way, compared to the traditional drill blasting old method, stones finished products rate is greatly improved, effectively prevent serious waste of natural resources.

Big size diamond saw blade (600~5000mm) has been widely used in cutting the massive stone blocks down from mine into 1.5cm thickness plate, the conventional silicon resin silicon cutter and sand gang saw has become history.

And medium size diamond circular saw blades (350~500mm) are the idea tools which are commonly used in cutting and dividing large pieces stone plate to the requirement of shape and dimensions of commercial timber. Site operation process scrap cutting need use a small diameter about 100mm cutting blade, including dry and wet cutting disc.

Diamond grinding cup wheel is used for grinding the surface of natural and artificial floor and processing edges and chamfering

Diamond resin grinding wheel and flexible polishing discs are the idea tools for processing the special-shaped stone and the stones surface polishing

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