Electronic & Electric appliance Industry

Diamond wire drawing DIE can draw variety of metal wires from mm to um grade, based on electronic industry. Drew wires are good roughness and good accuracy which can reach 1-2um. Especially hardness metal wires, such as when drawing um grade platinum wire, tungsten wire and super fine copper wire, diamond wire drawing die would be the optimal selection. Diamond wire drawing DIE can bear high press, friction and hundred degrees temperature. It’s hard to distortion with using life be years to decades years. Endurance could be tens of times to hundred of times than tungsten carbide wire drawing DIE.
PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) wire drawing DIE compared with Nature diamond wire drawing DIE, has its own advantages. It have no anisotropy based on nature diamond, not easy be separated, nor distortion while specific wear. Drawing hole can constantly keep round shape.
There’s a soft bond layer between Diamond particles is another advantage of PCD wire drawing DIE. Its thickness from um to tens of um. It will form fine grooves on the hole face to enable lubricant exist. Therefore, even though PCD is hardness weaker than Nature diamond, but using life is longer. Generally good PCD wire drawing DIE, its using life could be times of Nature diamond wire drawing DIE. Cost could be 1/3~1/5.
Diamond wire drawing DIE’s disadvantage is effect not good when drawing some transition metals and hard for processing drawing hole.
 Electric appliance industry usually use ferrite magnetic material and some insulation materials, such as fabroil, Epoxy resin board. While processed by diamond thin grinding wheel, will solve waste, efficiency low, processing burned, roughness bad, dimension errors and others problems. Diamond grinding wheel has its own specialty when process high-alumina ceramics. For example, diamond tools suit for processing high-tension ceramic (35% corundum include) while carborundum is hard.

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