Diamond grinding shoes

  • Another name: diamond grinding segment
  • Size: 40x10x10mm, 40x12x12mm, 25x12mm, 25x10mm(customization)
  • Segment type: Arrow, Round, Rectangle, Oval, Hexagonal, etc.
  • Grit: Rough, Medium, Fine (16#-300#), and PCD.

Diamond Tools

Diamond blade
Diamond segment
Diamond/CBN grinding wheel
Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC cutter)
Diamond grinding tools
Diamond polishing pads
Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Wire Saw Rope
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Primarily used for grinding concrete with varying hardness, masonry, terrazzo floors, and other building materials.
Applied Machines:
CPS, HTC, Prep/Master, Levetac, Husqvarna, and other floor grinding machines.
1. Segment Size: 40x10x10mm, 40x12x12mm, 25x12mm, 25x10mm, etc.
2. Segment Types: Arrow, Round, Rectangle, Oval, Hexagonal, etc.
3. Grit: Rough, Medium, Fine (16#-300#), and PCD.
4. Bond: Soft, Medium, Hard (Super Soft and Super Hard Bond available).
   - Soft Bond: Made from soft materials, ideal for grinding hard concrete for enhanced sharpness.
   - Hard Bond: Composed of hard materials, suitable for grinding fresh concrete with a longer lifespan.
   - Medium Bond: Recommended when unsure about the specific concrete type being ground.


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