Geological drilling and mining industry

In the area of geological exploration and mining metallurgy, coal, oil.There are widely used PDC diamond drill. Because of its high hardness, the hardest of hard rock drilling, and durable, The average footage higher than the tungsten carbide drill, thus tripping times can be greatly reduced.
The speed of drilling become fast when drilling hard and compact rock becomes more apparent. For example,The diamond drilling work in 10 level hard rock, Small caliber diamond drilling can work up to 1-2m / h, While the steel drill work only 0.2-0.3m / h. Small caliber diamond drilling can save steel, reduce labor intensity, reduce the accident rate,Also small curved wellbore can reduced every meter each one degree,increase rock core collection rate, generally up to 90%. The total cost of drilling obvious lower than the use of tungsten carbide drills, generally reduced to 30% -40%.
Our products: SMD synthetic diamond, big size synthetic diamond, polycrystalline diamond(PCD), polycrystalline diamond compact(PDC cutter) are widely used for making drilling bit in the field of Oil/Gas field drilling and Geological, Coalfield, Stone processing

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