Mechanical machining industry

Diamond abrasive tool is the most suitable grinding tools for tungsten carbide. Its biggest success was that bronze diamond grinding wheel &resin diamond grinding wheel promoted the process of using tungsten carbide cutting tools. At the same time, it is also suitable for grinding carbide measuring tools, dies, fixtures and other hard metal workpiece.

The carbide grinding ability for diamond is thousands times higher than silicon carbide. When sharpening carbide turning tools, green silicon carbide abrasive will consume 4-15g if grinding 1g metal , while diamond consuming only 2-4g. And the costs of diamond grinding wheel is 10% less than normal wheels. Silicon grinding wheel for grinding tungsten carbide turning tools will prone to cracking, chipping and other defects easily. while diamond grinding wheel will avoid these problems, and the life span will improve 50%-100%.

When sharpening alloy tool steel, the grinding ratio for diamond grinding wheel is 10 times higher than normal grinding wheel, and the cost reduce 10%. But it must be pointed out that cubic boron nitride tool is the first choice for grinding alloy tool steel.

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