• PCD Cup Wheel
  • PCD Cup Wheel
  • PCD Cup Wheel
  • PCD Cup Wheel

PCD Cup Wheel

  • Segment type PCD
  • Feature: High Efficiency
  • Size: Customized
  • Hardness: standard

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PCD diamond cup grinding wheel is used for  removal of various coating such as epoxy, glue, mastic, acrylic, residues of adhesives and screed.


1.Great for removing surface coating including exoxies, mastic and glue.
2.Will not load up or smear the coating like a diamond cup wheel.
3.The PCD segment scrapes and rips the coating from the surface.
4.Can be using for wet or dry grinding.
5.5/8''-11 thread type to fit your angle grinder, can be customized according to your machine stype.
6. Size:4''/4.5'' with 6PCDs, 5'' with 8PCDs and  7'' with 12PCDs
7.Re-designed with larger and stronger PCDs.
8.PCD cup wheels are developed with a full quarter round PCD chunk.


1.Using on angle grinder or planetary polisher to remove glue, asphalt etc.
2.Remove epoxy on the concrete floor when equipped with the floor grinding machine.
3.Segment PCD cup wheels are the best tools for removal of heavy epoxy, coating of paint etc..
4.5''x4segmentsx1/4pcd cup wheel with 7/8''-5/8''
5.7''x6segmentsx1/4pcd cup wheel with 7/8''-5/8''
6.Grit number:#30, #60


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