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  1. Products Introduction:
Poly-crystalline diamond compact bit(PDC bit) is a kind of drilling tool commonly used in the geological drilling industry, PDC drill bit has the advantages of low drilling pressure, fast drilling speed, long working life, high footage and low unit cost per footage.
2. Structural features:
PDC drill bit is composed of a bit body, PDC cutters and nozzles, which are divided into two series: Matrix body PDC bit and Steel Body PDC Bit
2.1. The top part of the Matrix body PDC bit is made of steel, and the bottom part is made of a tungsten carbide wear-resistant alloy body, which is manufactured and formed by powder metallurgy sintering process. The tungsten carbide matrix body has high hardness and erosion resistance, so the PDC drill bit has a long working life and high footage, and is currently widely used worldwide now.
2.2.The Steel Body PDC Bit is made of medium carbon steel material and processed and formed by the mechanical manufacturing process. The main advantage is the simple manufacturing process; The disadvantage is that the bit body is not resistant to erosion, the PDC cutters are difficult to solidify, and there are fewer applications at present.
3. Different Application:
3.1. PDC bit for geological exploration:
PDC bits are mainly used for geological exploration and exploration, suitable for soft to medium hard rock formations.
3.2. PDC bit for Coalfield drilling:
It is mainly used for coal seam drilling and mining in coal mines. the rock formation of the coalfield is relatively soft.
3.3. PDC bit for oil exploration:
Mainly used in oil and gas fields. At present, the PDC bit for the oilfield is the most expensive and has the highest requirements of all PDC drill bits.

4. Features:
4. 1. Steel body with hardening tungsten carbide surface(WC), makes the drill bit both high strength and very strong abrasion resistance.
4.2. PDC cutter can improve the life and shield the risk of complex formation drill not passed.
4.3. Raw materials: Alloy steel with a special treatment, achieve better mechanical properties (Rp0, 2: 1200MPa; Rm: 1100 MPa)
4.4.  Low torque spiral design and software designed tooth reduce the cutting edge wear & increase the life
4.5.  (no repair life up to 8300M/pc).
4.6. The unique parabolic crown-shaped design and tooth-balanced design keeps smooth drilling at high speed. 
4.7.  (Speeds up to 30~40m/h.)
4.8.  Drilling dynamic equilibrium design and hydraulic balance design make the drilling process more smooth

Regular Sizes

Regular IADC

API Reg Pin

Make-up Torque(N.m)

3 7/8″(98.4mm)


2 3/8


4 5/8″(117.4mm)


2 7/8


5 1/4″(133.3mm)

3 1/2


5 5/8″(142.8mm)

5 7/8″(149.2mm)



6 1/4″(158.7mm)

6 1/2″(165mm)

7 1/2″(190mm)


4 1/2


7 5/8(193mm)

7 7/8″(20mm)

8 1/2″(215.9mm)


9 1/2″(241.3mm)

6 5/8


9 7/8″(250.8mm)

10 5/8″(269.8mm)

11 5/8″(295.3mm)

12 1/4″(311.1mm)

13 5/8″(346.0mm)


14 3/4″(374.6mm)

7 5/8


17 1/2″(444.5mm)




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