Trapezoidal Grinding shoes

  • Another name: Grinding segments, grinding discs
  • Segment type: Arrow, Round, Rectangle, Oval, Hexagonal andso on.

Diamond Tools

Diamond blade
Diamond segment
Diamond/CBN grinding wheel
Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC cutter)
Diamond grinding tools
Diamond polishing pads
Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Wire Saw Rope
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 Diamond grinding tools with trapezoidal design featuring 3 non-threaded holes (8.5 mm diameter), specifically crafted for floor grinding machines equipped with three non-threaded holes, including models with magnetic plates.
Bond Types:
- Soft Bond: Recommended for medium to hard concrete surfaces.
- Medium Bond: Ideal for medium-soft to medium concrete applications.
- PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond): Suited for epoxy, paint, glue, mastics, and coatings removal; not intended for direct use on concrete or metal.
Grinding Methods: Can be used for both dry and wet grinding.
Compatible with the following equipment:
- RTS/750-T9/650-T8/600-T1/550-T7/500-T2/T3/460-T6
- Iron Horse Planetary Grinders
- Warrior Grinders
- Xtreme Polishing Systems - Genie and Mammoth
These grinding tools are designed to cater to a variety of concrete hardness levels and diverse grinding requirements through different bond types and grinding methods. When selecting tools, ensure to choose the appropriate hardness and grinding method based on your specific project needs.

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