• Gang Saw Segment
  • Gang Saw Segment
  • Gang Saw Segment
  • Gang Saw Segment

Gang Saw Segment

  • Name segment
  • Size 24x4.8/5.2x8mm and others for inquiry
  • Blade Material: diamond
  • Usage: cutting block or dressing block

Diamond Tools

Diamond blade
Diamond segment
Diamond/CBN grinding wheel
Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC cutter)
Diamond grinding tools
Diamond polishing pads
Diamond Core Drill Bits
Diamond Wire Saw Rope
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Diamond Gang Saws have now become the standard method of slabbing marble, limestones and some sandstones.The blade has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of cutting,meanwhile,it has a long lifespan 2 Good cutting result:smooth cutting,flat surface and even size 3 It works in low noise,small cutting slot which ensures maximum use of stone and uniform thickness.

•  Segments designed specifically to achieve optimum results on any kind of application at the lowest cost
•  Three-layer sandwich to achieve straight cutting under stringent conditions
•  Five layers to achieve fast and straight cutting under the most demanding circumstances


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