MCD wire drawing die
  • MCD wire drawing die
  • MCD wire drawing die
  • MCD wire drawing die

MCD wire drawing die

  • Function Wire Drawing
  • Application Iron, Steel, Silver, Gold
  • Certificate ISO9001:2000

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Monocrystalline Diamond is a synthetic diamond under controlled conditions, which has the characteristics of high purity, no impurities and no cracks.
These quality characteristics also make the service life of the drawing die more stable.
Advantage of MCD wire drawing die:
*We are using 111-sided synthetic monocrystalline diamond as the mold core, the production of mold positioning is in accurate and stable performance
*Extremely high hardness and wear resistance ensure a long service life of the mold
*Monocrystalline diamond has excellent heat dissipation performance and can be used in high temperature processing processes
• Tungsten Wire
• Semiconductor bonding wire (gold wire, copper wire and aluminum wire)
• Medical Wire
• Stainless steel Wire
• Copper wire
• Cutting lines
• Special Alloy Wire
• Precious Metal Wire
• A variety of other colored or non-ferrous metal lines

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