Why does the granite saw blade drop its segment?

During the cutting process of the granite saw blade, if the blade suddenly falls, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also damage the substrate, and it is also easy to injure the constructor. Then why does the granite saw blade drop the blade? How should it be avoided?

First of all, we must understand why the granite saw blade will drop its segment? There are several reasons why the granite saw blade segment will fall during use.

1. Affected by the knife tip formula. The formula of the granite blade directly determines the sharpness and wear resistance of the granite saw blade, and also affects the subsequent sintering, welding and so on.
2. Affected by the hot pressing and sintering process. The temperature and pressure control during the sintering process, and the smooth mold can improve the flatness and smoothness of the segment, and the performance of the segment. It can also ensure that the granite segment after the hot pressing sintering process has uniform specifications and uniform quality. .
3. Affected by cutting equipment.
4. Affected by improper operation during use.
5. Affected by different factors of cutting objects.
6. Affected by the material of the substrate.

The above is the reason why the granite saw blade segment will fall. In addition to the above points, it is still necessary to choose a granite saw blade factory with excellent production technology and experience. A large and experienced factory with strong strength has higher product guarantee. Our 3better company, with 11 years of experience, is responsible for the production of each granite saw blade. Welcome to consult.

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