What is the difference between a granite saw blade and a marble saw blade?

Both granites saw blades and marble saw blades cut and process stone, so why one cuts granite and the other cuts marble? What is the difference between the two? Let's understand the difference between the two together.

The requirements for saw blades are also different for stone materials. The texture of granite is harder, because it is more resistant to weathering and sunlight and is relatively easy to maintain, so it is mostly used in outdoor ground and wall areas. Marble is a soft stone and belongs to metamorphic rock. Although the structure is fine and solid, coupled with its unique colorful patterns, it is generally placed indoors. Therefore, these two types of stone have different processing requirements. Compared with granite, marble requires higher cutting precision of saw blades. Let's explain in detail below, which aspects of the saw blade are different.

1. The blade formula is different: it is harder than marble and granite, so granite saw blades require higher sharpness.
2. The color of the blades is different: marble blades are generally yellowish in color and belong to the rigid grade, while granite blades are mostly silver-gray and belong to the iron grade.
3. The grooves are different: marble saw blades are mostly U-slots or fish hook grooves, while granite saw blades are key grooves.
4. The size and thickness of the blade: The hardness of the granite saw blade is harder than that of marble, while the thickness of the marble blade is smaller.
5. Welding seam: Due to the difference between granite and marble, the saw blade base and cutter head are different. Due to the difference between the saw blade base and the cutter head, the welding seam is also different.

The above has roughly sorted out the differences between granite saw blades and marble saw blades. 3better Company provides different types of granite and marble saw blades. We can customize saw blades with different specifications and different formulations according to different requirements.

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