Maintenance and maintenance of alloy circular saw blades

1. It is very important to sharpen it in time, because the saw blade with dull edge will easily cause the saw blade jitter due to the increased resistance when working, and at the same time increase the motor load, which will cause damage to the saw blade and the machine.

2. Continue cutting when it is time to grind. Every 10% increase in cutting volume will bring about 50% additional alloy damage and shorten the service life of the saw blade.

3. It is necessary to regularly remove the resin, debris and other debris gathered on the side of the saw tooth, because the continuous accumulation of adhesives will increase resistance and cause high energy consumption (in extreme cases, it will cause the burning of the machine motor) and rough Cutting quality.

4. If the cutting edge is blunt at the same time, it may cause damage to the saw teeth. When storing, they should be placed separately, not stacked and placed on metal objects, preferably in the original carton, so that they can be moved and taken for grinding.

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