Why does the diamond segment burst or break?

When a diamond segment is used, it sometimes bursts or breaks teeth. What is the cause? How should we solve it?
1, the material is not clamped
Solution: Check the machine fixture

2, the blade speed or feed speed is too fast, bite too much overload
Solution: The material with high toughness, high hardness and large cross section should use slow saw blade speed and moderate feed speed. The saw blade is not explosive and resistant to cutting.

3, saw blade feeding speed is unstable
Solution: Use a manual pipe cutter to feed the knife evenly

4, the sawtooth is not sharp
Solution: The sawtooth is too blunt to increase the cutting load, or the loose material to be rotated will tear the saw blade, so re-grind the saw blade

5, the material being cut is shaped or too long to shake
Solution: Make special fixtures for profiled materials, feed racks and receiving racks must be fixed.

6, the saw blade tooth type is incorrect, the number of teeth is improper
Solution: According to the actual choice of different tooth types and the number of teeth, it is not possible to cut any material with a tooth type or a number of teeth.

7, the material is too hard or contains impurities
Solution: Choose a good material

8, the saw blade is not locked
Solution: Check the flange and tighten the screws

Whether the diamond saw blade is easy to use or not depends on the material of the material to be cut, the tightness of the clamp and the material clamping method, the quality of the grinding teeth, the speed of the saw blade, the feed speed, the cutting oil, the quality of the pipe cutting machine, etc., because of the length of the tool life. The efficiency depends not only on the quality of the tool itself, but more importantly on its rational application.

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