What bad habits will shorten the life of the diamond segment?

The diamond segment is a consumable item. Everyone wants the diamond segment to be used for a long time when using it, but some people who pay attention to the details will shorten the service life when using the diamond segment.

1. The diamond saw blade is not properly installed: ensure that it runs smoothly and does not vibrate during the cutting process. When installing the saw blade, first make sure that the direction of the cutting edge indicated on the saw blade is consistent with the direction of rotation of the cutting machine spindle; and the surface where the mounting hole, the main shaft and the flange are in contact with each other must be cleaned, and the contact between them must be ensured. Flat and good; the diameter of the flange should be reasonably selected.

2. No coolant is used: The coolant has two functions: one is to cool down. The other is the action of swarf. When the coolant rushes to the slit at a certain pressure, it will take away a lot of material chips, which is of great benefit to reduce the secondary wear of the diamond head and the body.

3. There is no suitable cutting machine: choose the cutting machine to pay special attention to the power, speed, rigidity and precision of the cutting machine.

4. Improper adjustment of the speed of the saw blade: The linear speed of the diamond circular saw blade has a great influence on the cutting. If the linear speed is too low or too high, the wear of the diamond segment will be accelerated, and the saw blade will be abnormally worn and the cutting efficiency will be improved. It will also drop. This is because when the cutting speed is very low, the contact time between the diamond head and the material on the saw blade is increased correspondingly, which increases the friction, increases the heat, and deteriorates the heat dissipation and cooling conditions, which increases the saw blade loss. When the line speed is too high, the cutting depth of single diamond is reduced per unit time, and the friction and wear of the diamond on the rock is reduced. However, the dynamic load of the interaction between the diamond head and the material to be cut is increased, which not only makes the diamond The loss of mechanical shock is increased, and the loss is also increased due to the fragility and shedding of diamond.

5, the control is not good cutting productivity: diamond saw blade for the same material, while increasing the cutting depth and feed rate, although can improve the cutting productivity, but the saw blade's abnormal wear is also increased, the service life is reduced, while the sawing power It has also increased, so the cutting cost has increased. Generally, one-time cutting can be used for cutting soft materials or strong abrasive materials; medium-diameter saw blades are mostly used for cutting sheets, and most of them are cut once; and medium-hard granites should be cut step by step.

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