Why the diamond saw blade makes abnormal noise during use

In the sawing process, the diamond saw blade often has abnormal sounds, abnormal feeding, obvious cut lines or chipping of the cut material. These problems may be caused by many factors. The following is a brief introduction about the diamond saw blade. Several reasons for making an abnormal sound during use.

The reason why the diamond saw blade makes an abnormal sound during use:

1.The deformation of the diamond saw blade base due to external force, excessive use, overheating, etc. It needs to be corrected.

2.The gap, runout and yaw of the machine spindle. The car should be stopped immediately to check that the spindle and the diamond saw blade are properly installed.

3.Cracks appear in the base of the diamond saw blade, blockage distortion in the silencer line/hole, abnormal attachment, and other items other than the cutting material when cutting.

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