What is the use and characteristics of diamond resin grinding wheel

The main purpose of diamond resin grinding wheel:
Diamond resin grinding wheel has high strength, high compressive strength and strong grinding ability. It is mainly used for grinding high and hard aluminum alloy, non-metallic materials, cutting hard and brittle hard alloys, non-metallic minerals and so on. Such as cemented carbide, porcelain, agate, optical lenses, semiconductor devices and wear-resistant cast iron, marble, etc.

Diamond resin grinding wheel characteristics:
The resin grinding wheel has excellent grinding and polishing effect. The grinding wheel is sharp and difficult to block when cutting. The specific characteristics are as follows:
1. High cutting efficiency, the relative cost of the grinding wheel is relatively slow;
2. It has strong self-sharpness, small heat value during cutting, and is not easy to block, which reduces the problem of burns during work during cutting;
3. The sand wheel piece has certain ductility, which is beneficial to improve the surface roughness of the surface layer of the workpiece, and is mainly used for the process of fine polishing, semi-finishing, knife grinding, polishing and polishing;
4. Diamond resin grinding wheel is ultra-low temperature dry solid, short manufacturing period, machine equipment and delivery steps are very simple;
The grease has a fluidity and it is very easy to form a grinding wheel with a multi-faceted surface.

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