What is the installation methods for diamond segment?

When we use the diamond segment, we need to install the card first. There are three ways to install the card: bonding method, mosaic method, and brazing method. The following one is for everyone to introduce.

diamond segments can be used for high-speed machining, and for ultra-precision mirror processing of copper and copper alloys, precious non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver and tantalum, as well as special parts, because diamond coatings have excellent mechanical properties in addition to diamond coatings. The layer process enables the preparation of milling cutters of any complex shape for high speed machining such as aluminum-titanium aerospace materials and difficult-to-machine non-metallic materials such as graphite electrodes.

1. Brazing method: Direct welding of diamond tools has always been a concern. Because diamond has high chemical stability, it is difficult to chemically react with other metals to achieve welding. Therefore, how to reliably achieve the firm connection between diamond and metal has become a technical difficulty and a research topic to be solved in the diamond tool manufacturing industry.

2. Mosaic method: Firstly, the diamond segment and the metal dust particles are sintered at the same time, and then the diamond segment is fixed on the cutter bar through the pressure plate. The damascene method is the tooling method for the most common diamond tools. The defect of the inlay method is that the processing distance is cumbersome, and the diamond segment can only expose a small front end surface, and the pressure plate at the rear portion thereof hinders the removal of the chips, which easily causes the chips to clog around the blade and damage the processed surface. .

3. Bonding method: It is an organic binder such as epoxy resin or 502 glue, and the diamond segment is bonded to the groove on the arbor which matches the size of the diamond segment. This method is easy to operate and does not require special equipment and fixtures to achieve a certain bond strength. When the tool needs to be ground, it is necessary to first melt the adhesive with a solvent such as acetone, and then grind the diamond head and then re-bond it to the holder. In addition, the positional accuracy of the diamond tip during bonding is difficult to guarantee.

Peeling of the diamond tip coating can prevent coating flaking from being a serious problem with diamond coated tips and is a common problem that can lead to unpredictable tool life. By selecting compatible carbide chemistry, proper pretreatment techniques, and reasonable deposition conditions, it is possible to reduce or eliminate spalling of the diamond coating and achieve a stable wear pattern.

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