How to maintain for diamond saw blades

1. If the saw blade is not used immediately, it should be laid flat or suspended by the inner hole. The other saw blades should not be stacked with other objects or feet, and should be protected against moisture and rust.

2.For the used saw blade, it should be put back into the packing box after being removed. Whether it is sent to the grinding manufacturer or the storage warehouse for the next use, it should be selected as far as possible, and care should be taken to avoid placing it in a damp room. 

3. If it is stacked flat, try to avoid over-stacking, so as not to accumulate deformation of the saw blade due to heavy pressure for a long time, and it is not allowed to stack the bare saw blades together, otherwise it will cause jagged or sawtooth and saw. The scratch of the board causes the teeth to break or even chip.

4. For saw blades with special anti-rust treatment such as electroplating on the surface, please wipe the anti-rust oil in time to prevent the saw blade from rusting due to long-term use.

5. When the saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be repaired in time. Grinding does not change the original angle and destroys the dynamic balance.

6. The work of saw blade grinding should be done by the original manufacturer as much as possible. If the conditions are inconvenient, try to find professional equipment and grinding merchants. Incorrect or unreasonable grinding is a significant reduction in the life of the saw blade.

7.The inner diameter correction of the saw blade and the processing of the positioning hole must be carried out by the factory. If the processing is poor, it will affect the product use effect, and danger may occur. In principle, the reaming should not exceed the original aperture of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

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