How many classifications of diamond dry cutting blades?

Used in daily work, there are many times when using diamond dry cutting saw blades. Do you know that there are several classifications of diamond dry cutting blades? Changsha 3 better diamond dry cutting saw blades are used in a very wide range of cutting, and can be cut for wall troughs, stone and concrete. Next, let's take a look at the types of diamond dry cutting saw blades.

1. High-speed dry cutting: High-speed dry cutting is a relative concept. It has different ranges depending on the material to be processed and the processing method. It usually refers to the cutting processing with a cutting speed that exceeds the traditional cutting speed by 5-10 times.

2. Hard cutting: Hard cutting mainly refers to the cutting and processing of hardened workpieces with high-performance tools. At present, hard cutting is mainly used in turning processing. It can be used as the final processing or finishing of hardened steel, that is, to realize turning On behalf of the mill.

3. Completely dry and quasi-dry cutting: Usually, the cutting process that is completely inapplicable or does not directly use any cutting fluid in the cutting zone is completely dry cutting, and a small amount of cutting fluid is directly applied to the cutting zone by various methods. Become quasi-dry cutting.

Dry cutting technology has been widely used in the field of dry cutting saw blades. There is no shortage of dry cutting blades for cutting stone and concrete. The above are several dry cutting classifications introduced for you, and I hope to help you. Those who need diamond dry cutting saw blades can contact us, we have high quality diamond dry cutting saw blades.

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