The process of diamond segment and the technique of derusting

Diamond segment cutting range is very wide, wall grooves, stone, concrete can be cut, multi-groove and chip hole design chip removal more convenient, the following for you to explain the diamond segment of several processes.

Hard cutting: Hard cutting mainly refers to the use of high-performance tools for the cutting of hardened workpieces, the current hard-state cutting is mainly used in turning processing, can be used as the final processing or finishing of hardened steel, that is, to achieve car grinding.

High-speed dry cutting: High-speed dry cutting is a relative concept, according to the processing material, processing methods, there are different ranges, usually refers to the cutting speed of 5-10 times the traditional cutting speed of cutting.

Full-dry, quasi-dry cutting: Usually in the cutting area is completely not applicable or not directly using any cutting fluid cutting process to become a complete dry cutting, using a variety of methods to apply a small amount of cutting fluid directly to the cutting area of the processing method to become quasi-dry cutting.

Dry cutting technology in the field of diamond saw blade segment has been widely used, cutting stone, concrete, etc. are no lack of dry cutting chip figure, we will continue to improve the performance of diamond segment, so that cutting simpler.

Receive diamond segment because of too much inventory, too long time inevitably produce rust spots, this situation we how to remove rust. The purpose of rust removal is to remove the corrosion and impurities from the diamond segment, increase the roughness of the metal surface and the bonding strength of the corrosion-resistant layer to the surface.

The method of rust removal is artificial rust removal and semi-mechanical rust removal. There are four types of mechanical rust removal and chemical rust removal. Different rust removal methods should be selected according to the level of corrosion. The work of rust removal of diamond segment must be carried out by professionals, and the correct rust removal method should be used after a reasonable judgment of the rust grade.

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