How to dressing the ceramic CBN grinding wheel

The commonly used ceramic CBN grinding wheel dressing methods are free grinding grain dressing method, cementing tool dressing method and so on.
1, free grain dressing method

Free grain dressing methods include gas blasting dressing, ultrasonic vibration dressing, elastic dressing, free-grinding grain extrusion dressing and hydraulic sand blast dressing. In short, it is used as a dressing medium for free grinding particles such as silicon carbide, corundum or glass beads, and sprayed it into the rotating CBN grinding wheel surface by various methods to remove part of the binding agent and form a cutting edge to achieve the purpose of dressing the grinding wheel. Because the binding agent of ceramic CBN grinding wheel is hard, the dressing efficiency of this method is very low and is not popularized in industry.

2. Cementing tool dressing method

The cementing dressing tool dressing method is divided into ordinary abrasive dressing block cut-in dressing, ordinary grinding dressing and oil-stone dressing.

The normal abrasive dressing block cut-in dressing is the pressure of the dressing block towards the radius of the CBN grinding wheel, and the hardness of the dressing block grinding grain is sufficient to remove the binding agent between the CBN grinding particles. When the CBN grinding grain meets the dressing block grinding grain, the dressing block grinding grain will break due to the higher hardness of the CBN grinding grain. Filling the grinding grain in the grinding gap of the dressing block helps to cut the binding agent, so that the shallower grinding grain on the CBN grinding wheel falls off to achieve the purpose of dressing.

Ordinary grinding grinding dressing is made with ordinary abrasive grinding wheel as the dressing wheel, and the CBN grinding wheel is cut-in outer round grinding.

Oil stone dressing is a widely used dressing method, which mainly removes the binding agent of CBN grinding wheel by squeezing the grinding grain in the contact area. However, the oilstone dressing cannot obtain a large grinding protruding height, so it cannot be used for the dressing of CBN grinding wheels for large cutting usage grinding.

The characteristics of the dressing method are mainly to avoid the use of CBN grinding particles, directly for the binding agent for erosion, so in various CBN grinding wheel dressing methods, the grinding grain dressing method is better, but the efficiency is low. Therefore, the diamond roller is now used as a tool for finishing the ceramic CBN grinding wheel finishing


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