The characteristics and application of diamond grinding wheel grinding disc

Diamond grinding wheel grinding plate refers to the plate grinding gear used in the grinding machine, composed of discs and diamond grinding blocks, diamond set on the plate, through the high-speed rotation of the grinder to the work surface to carry out flat grinding; The floor is partially leveled and the grinding edges, angles and arcs of marble and granite decorative plates are repaired.

Features of the diamond grinding wheel grinding disc:
1, diamond grinding wheel grinding plate is characterized by fast grinding speed, no scratches, no beating, long service life and other advantages;
2, high hardness, high pressure strength, good wear resistance is the characteristics of diamond abrasives. Therefore, diamond abrasives in grinding processing has become the ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and carbide, not only high precision, high efficiency, but also good roughness, less consumption of abrasives, long service life, but also to improve labor conditions.

Application of diamond grinding wheel grinding discs:
Mainly used in: gemstones, jade, Shoushan stone, crystal, agate, ceramics, handicrafts and other polishing, and widely used in semiconductor ferrite materials and other hard brittle materials and metal materials grinding processing, in recent years has been in electronics, electronic tubes, photoelectonics, crystals, handicrafts Crystal lighting, glass products precision processing and other industries are widely used, at the same time in carbide material form processing, electrolytic grinding processing, as well as grinding processing center with diamond drill bit grinding and other heavy-duty cutting, with good wear resistance, high efficiency, Features of long service life.

The above is a summary of some of the characteristics and applications of diamond grinding wheel grinding plate, I hope to help you, we must have been committed to providing customers with better products, better prices, welcome to contact us!

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