What are the applications of diamond cup wheel

Diamond cup wheel is a new kind of disc abrasive, want to know what it does? So, here's a little editor for you to introduce it:

The professional interpretation of the diamond cup wheel refers to the disc abrasives used on the grinding machine, consisting of a disc and diamond grinding blocks, which are welded or mounted on the disc and flattened and polished on the work surface by the high-speed rotation of the grinder.

Diamond cup wheel: refers to the disc abrasives used in the grinding machine, consisting of a disc body and diamond grinding blocks, diamond welding or mosaic on the plate, through the high-speed rotation of the grinder to the work surface for flat grinding.

Due to the characteristics of diamond abrasives (high hardness, high pressure strength, good wear resistance) diamond abrasives in grinding processing has become the ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and carbide, not only high efficiency, high precision, but also good roughness, grinding Low consumption, long service life, but also can improve labor conditions, so widely used in ordinary abrasives difficult to process low iron content of metals and non-metallic hard and brittle materials, such as carbide, high aluminum porcelain, optical glass, agate gemstones, semiconductor materials, stone and so on.

Diamond cup wheel is generally used to polish marble, granite, ceramics, artificial stone and glass, especially suitable for the construction and decoration of concrete facades, floor part of the flattening and marble, granite decorative plate grinding edges, angles and arcs, with fast grinding speed, long life and other advantages. diamond cup wheel is mainly used in jade, Shoushan stone, crystal, agate, handicrafts. In recent years has been in electronics, photoelectronics, glass products, tubes, crystals, handicrafts, crystal lighting, precision processing and other industries widely used.

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