How to choose a diamond cup wheel

Diamond cup wheel are suitable for manual grinding and polishing of various natural and artificial stone surfaces and the renovation and maintenance of decorative stones. In recent years, the application fields of diamond cup wheel have become wider and wider, and more and more customers are buying and using diamond cup wheel. However, there are still some customers who do not know how to choose diamond cup wheel. Next, I will introduce the method of choosing diamond cup wheel.

How to choose a diamond cup wheel:
1. Whether the grain size of the grinding disc surface is uniform, the grain size of a good grinding disc is uniform, while the grinding surface of a poor grinding disc is often not fine enough and uneven in thickness.
2. Whether the base of the grinding disc is an iron matrix or a stainless steel matrix, ordinary small manufacturers will use an iron matrix, but a good grinding disc will generally use a stainless steel matrix. Because the iron matrix is ​​easy to rust during the use of the diamond cup wheel, it not only affects the appearance, but also affects the grinding effect.
3. Choose according to your own needs. Different materials require different diamond cup wheel. It is important to choose a suitable diamond cup wheel. You can buy from experienced manufacturers or customize products. Changsha Sunbid Company has rich experience in making diamond cup wheel, and can be customized. If you need, please contact us.

In short, when you buy diamond cup wheel, you have to look at it, compare it, and ask more. I wish you find a suitable diamond cup wheel to increase work efficiency.

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