The batching process of diamond segment

There three steps during diamond mix batching process, firstly by dry-mixing, which is putting the metal binder, diamonds and man-made binder together by continuous shaking, in order to make sure all of these items are even, this process is so important that will matters the stability of the segments, the quality will be worse if this is not done nicely .

The solvent must be added when wet-mixing after dry mixing, this is the second step of batching . this process can immobilize the powder, which will assist the further manufacturing process, Actually , the diamond segment batching process can follow the process of concrete batching like the percentage of concrete and sand .

The third step is to prepare the material, which is also called granulation,  this process is being done by granulating machine.  The concrete process is to put the segment mixture into the hopper on the upper part of the granulator, which is continuously fed by the screw conveyor into the internal container of the machine to make the coarse particles. By mechanical rolling, the coarse particles are transformed into the final small spherical or strip particles. It is then transported to a conveyor belt, where it dries and evaporates the solvent. The pelleting  molding material flows into the collector for standby use.

The diamond segment produced by such a processing method can be mixed with the binder in a very uniform manner, and the uniform size of the particles can ensure the distribution of the diamond is also very uniform, so that the segment will be more stable. In addition, from the perspective of production efficiency, such a mixing method allows the segment to use fixed volume charge instead of quantitative charge, which also greatly improves the production efficiency.

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