T-Shape Cutting and Grinding Diamond Saw Blade

9'' 230mm T-Shape Cutting and Grinding Diamond Saw Blade For cutting Marble, Granite, Sandstone,etc. All size available. Our brand Name is "Somebetter". Products from 3better company have been strictly tested before access to market.Diamond saw blade for bricks, brick blocks, concrete, marble, granite,stone and many other materials.Stable function and performance when cutting.


Fast cutting diamond saw blade; Smooth and sharpness, close seam; Effective cutting with free chips.
Strong and professional techniques in the blade for cutting the all kinds of stone, ceramic. Customers are satisfied after service.

There are three advantages to  T-shape cutting and grinding diamond saw blades
1.High cut speed, very light small loss of tile;
2.Tile will not be exploded , the edge will not be broken;
3.Higher cutting presion suitable for the chamfer.

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