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In today’s era, most wire-drawing machines or cabling plants use PCD dies for wire-drawing, from malfunctioning rods to fine wire-drawing. Under the condition of thermal stability, PCD mould is the first choice for non-ferrous metal material and stainless steel drawing die.
Changsha 3betterdiamond group is a manufacturer of
polycrystalline diamond die, which can be used for black and non-ferrous metal drawing die. Dimensions are suitable for stretching applications from superfine lines to large pull rods. This size range includes, but is not limited to, 0.04mm to 12mm
Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and precision standards.
Polycrystalline diamond, or PCD, is an artificial sintered diamond that can be used in almost any type of wet or dry drawing applications.
For each set, there are several PCD blanks that meet your wire surface finish requirements, as their diamond particle sizes range from 1 to 50 microns.
All PCD blanks contain randomly - directional diamond particles. The result is a perfect circular wear pattern for each mold, ensuring that your wire remains circular.

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