Advantages About Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies

 Someday someone asked me : Why I need to choose PCD die other than TC one ? And why I should choose yours ? 
So let me tell you why : 
 When drawing copper wire of the same diameter, the service life of polycrystalline diamond die is 300-500 times of that of carbide die, when drawing molybdenum wire, it is 80-100 times, when drawing nickel wire it is 50-80 times.
While when drawing carbon steel, the service life of polycrystalline diamond die is 20-60 times of that of carbide die.
In addition to the wire drawing die of wire and cable commonly used, the polycrystalline diamond wire mould also includes enameled wire mould of motor, electric appliance and transformer, precision inner lead mould of integrated circuit and so on.

Yes, that's it ! Our PCD 
wire drawing dies, they are natural diamond dies or synthetic diamond single crystal and polycrystalline synthetic diamond. These dies are used in the drawing of low, medium and high carbon content wires and in the wire drawing of aluminum, copper and various alloys. PCD dies offer a high resistance to wear and an excellent wire surface finish. 
What's the advantages of our wire drawing dies? Here we go and you will find the truth by testing---
1.good durability
2.high efficiency
3.a wide range of grain and nib sizes
4.perfect characteristics of crack proof
5.smoothness, durability predicted
6.Good polishing of wire or tube surface
7.strict quality control to control accuracy
8.Fast delivery time at about 7-10 days after receive your payments
9.Strong package by plastic box 
10.OEM and can be marked as your requirements
11.Free sample available
12.Mass order quality totally same as sample
13:We have 4 types: PCD, ND,MCD and TC
So if you choose us for the first time, I'm sure it won't be the last. 

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