Market Development Prospects of Diamond Polishing Pads

Diamond polishing pads will be more and more widely on the scope of the whole application, which is mainly because diamond polishing pad itself has unique characteristics and advantages that make many consumers favour diamond polishing pad, and also gradually realize the use advantages of diamond polishing pads. Therefore, according to the current usage of the whole market, diamond polishing pads will be more widely used.
Our diamond polishing pads have four types.Diamond wet polishing pads,diamond dry polishing pads,diamond floor polishing pads and diamond convex polishing pads.They have more characteristic:1, they have a unique resin bond, grinding soft and good performance, easy to install and use;
2, high grinding force, polishing speed, high gloss;
3, long service life;
4, grinding and polishing on the floor without scratches and color left (not easy to dye).
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