Latest Research Achievements of Diamond Drill Bits

  It is well known that well drilling is a “leader” in the petroleum exploration and development. It will be hard to get oil quickly without drill bits, which not only vividly explains the importance of drilling engineering in the oil and gas field exploration and development project, but also emphasize the important role of drill bits in drilling engineering. Therefore, countries around the world are focused on drilling technology research, and the development of efficient drill bits and new product research and development at the same time.The latest research achievements are as follows:
A, On the basis of black ice polishing tooth and hard alloy support side edge tooth, there have developed thickened composite sheet cutter tooth, double cutting blade tooth and other new cutting structure.
B, In the research about diamond drill bit mechanics, there also have new breakthrough. They put forward flowing hydraulic design concept, special nozzle structure and other new hydraulic design plans.

C, At the same time, the research about reducing drill bit balling by using electroosmosis principle is also more active in recent years, and they have developed the technology that makes drill bit surface negatively charged characteristics - gas nitriding treatment technology.

D, They have done a lot of work in research of strengthening gauge protection, improving chip removal tank design, extending the service life of drill bit, surface hardening of drill steel body, increasing the cutting area, and effectively removing debris, and they have obtained a lot of achievements.

E, The specifications of diamond drill bit cutting element are from a single variety development to today's rich varieties. At present, the
 thermal stability polycrystalline diamonds include triangle polycrystalline series, cylindrical series, garden series, polycrystalline diamond compact include 3/8 ", 1/2 ", 3/4 ", 1 "series in diameter, etc., which can make the specifications of cutting element species diversity.
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