Development Trend of Diamond Saw Blades

Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool that is widely used in the processing of concrete, refractories, stone, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials. Diamond saw blade consists of two parts,the base and the segment.The base is the main support of the segment portion of the adhesive, and the segment is cut from the portion during use, the segemnt will be consumed in use, while the matrix is not, it has been able to play a cutting head role because it contains diamond, diamond as the most hard substance that friction in the cutting segment in the object to be processed. The diamond particles by metal wrapped inside tip.

For traditional diamond blade manufacturing process - after the mixing and forming of powder and diamond, they need to go through solid phase sintering (sometimes, a small amount of liquid phase). The formula selection of metal powder and diamond is the key to improve the sharpness of saw blades. The process has no technical barriers, and high cost performance is very important.

Orderly arrangement of diamonds is another effective way to improve the sharpness of saw blades. The diamonds of traditional diamond saw blade segment, are random distribution and easy to heap up and segregation, which will lower the cutting speed. The orderly arrangement of diamonds in diamond saw blades, can keep the continuous self-sharpening of diamonds in the segments, which can effectively improve the cutting performance of saw blades.

Brazing diamond tools refer to diamond abrasive tools by using solder that can have chemical reaction with diamond abrasives, and metallurgical combination with steel matrix to connect and process. Because of high diamond’s exposure, the sharpness is the biggest advantage relative to sintering saw blades.

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