"Kyocera Philosophy" Reading Sharing Session

With the purpose of common progress and common growth, the company held daily reading and clocking and reading sharing session. In this issue, everyone is studying "Kyocera Philosophy" by Kazuo Inamori. Kyocera Philosophy is a philosophy of life acquired through practice. The basic idea is: "I think that as a person, this way of living is correct.

After more than two months of daily reading and check-in, the whole company read "Kyocera Philosophy" together and held a reading meeting today. The reading club was shared by the three small partners of the company. Through the sharing, everyone can review the "Kyocera Philosophy" again, and connect with work and life to deepen everyone's impression. The book meeting ended perfectly. The next one for all the staff to read and check in was Mr. Inamori's "How to". I look forward to the next reading sharing meeting.

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