How to choose a diamond polishing pad

 Today we will talk about How to choose a diamond polishing pad.There are many different sources, names, styles and prices for diamond pads on the market. This can be very confusing, and what often happens is selection comes down to price. This is unfortunate, because in many cases a cheap pad will cost you more in the long run.Choosing the right pad starts with assessing what you plan on doing with it.

First we have to choose a good all-round size,However, larger pads become unstable on narrow sections of concrete. A 7" diameter pad won’t stay flat or cut evenly on a 3" wide strip of concrete.
Second, we have to choose a suitable thickness.Diamond pads are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 8mm. Thicker liners last longer, but thicker liners are harder, each has its own benefits, and you need to choose a suitable thickness.
Through technical updates, our diamond polishing pads offer better quality, longer life, various sizes and thicknesses. You are welcome to contact us.

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