How to use alloy circular saw blades correctly

Correct use of alloy circular saw blade:
1. The alloy bit of the cemented carbide circular saw blade has a sharp and hard cutting edge. Therefore, during the movement, installation or disassembly of the saw blade, the alloy bit must be carefully protected from damage.
2. Check whether the main shaft of woodworking machinery has deformation, vibration, axis deflection and other important parameters, to avoid unstable machinery from affecting the cutting quality, and regularly check the radial runout (0.02mm) of the machine spindle and the deviation range (0.01mm) .
3. The operator must wear protective glasses and install a protective cover on the woodworking machinery.
4. The sawdust on the saw blade, spindle and flange must be cleaned to avoid improper errors affecting the cutting quality.
5. The size of the flange is 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade, and the sawing effect is better, so that the saw blade runs more smoothly.

Note: When there are the following conditions, timely grinding is required
(1) When the sawing surface no longer meets the requirements.
(2) When the energy consumption of the machine tool increases significantly or it is difficult to promote cutting.
(3) When the edge of the cutting material is obviously cracked.
(4) When the alloy cutting edge wear reaches 0.2mm.

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