The features and advantages of ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel

With the progress of the times, the development of science, the needs of society, the development of new materials, grinding processing to high-quality, high-precision, high efficiency, automation direction of continuous development, the role of diamond grinding wheel more and more obvious. With all the characteristics and advantages of diamond abrasives, diamond grinding wheels are the preferred tool for hard-brittle materials such as carbide, PCD, PCBN tools, tungsten steel, engineering ceramics, semiconductors, optical glass, high-end ceramics, high-aluminum porcelain, agate gemstones, stone and other hard-brittle materials and flat grinding.

Metal diamond grinding wheel is manufactured by high temperature sintering method, which combines high strength, thermal conductivity and wear resistance, good molding, and can withstand a large rheumatomy. However, the metal diamond grinding wheel has no air holes, is not easy to remove chips, and the grinding wheel in the sintering process inevitably there is shrinkage and deformation, so before use must be trimmed, but grinding wheel finishing is more difficult. At present, the commonly used grinding wheel-to-trim method in production is not only time-consuming and laborious in finishing, but also more diamond particles fall off during the dressing process, the grinding grinding wheel itself consumes a lot and the shaping accuracy is low.

Resin diamond grinding wheel toughness is good, grinding process produces concessions, resulting in dimensional instability, and poor heat resistance, in the process of processing workpieces, the heat generated between the diamond grinding wheel and the workpiece is easy to make the local temperature is too high, once the critical value is reached, the resin binding agent to the diamond holding failure, Diamonds fall off without a complete bluntness, resulting in a significant increase in processing costs.

Ceramic diamond grinding wheel holding strength is high, long life, low grinding consumption, grinding sharp, parts surface vibration-free, processing efficiency is 2 times the metal diamond grinding wheel, durability is 2-3 times the resin diamond grinding wheel, processing work piece flatness of 0.001-0.002mm. Life exceeds 20% to 40% of similar products, grinding wheel has porous, grinding is not easy to heat and clogging, self-sharpness is good, grinding sharp, high production efficiency, good shape retention, ceramic diamond grinding wheel in high-speed and ultra-high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision grinding process to give full play to its wear resistance, cutting ability characteristics, Especially in hard and brittle difficult processing materials more obvious advantages, widely used. Diamond grinding wheel in various sectors of industry, almost all fields have applications, aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, optical processing manufacturing industry. At present, ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, silicon wafer products, etc. are multi-use ceramic diamond grinding.

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