How to deal with a diamond saw blade rust

If the diamond saw blade is found to be rusted, it must be rust-removed, otherwise, it is particularly easy to cause tooth collapse and other phenomena. Let ’s take a look at the causes of rust on the saw blade, and how to deal with it?

First, the reason for the rest of the saw blade

1. In general, when not in use, the saw blade should be coated with rust-proof oil and placed in a ventilated, dry place. It is best stored on a wooden shelf and the packaging must not be damaged.
2. The factors that cause the saw blade to rust are usually: the package is damaged, and the place where it is placed is relatively humid. Here, the water mist is prone to come into contact with the saw blade from the damaged entrance, resulting in oxidation.

How to deal with rusty saw blades

1. Check the rusted part first. If it is the base part, it is better to handle it, and you can use the common rust removal method.
2. If the rusty part is in the sawtooth part, it is a bit difficult to handle. In this case, it must be treated with a diamond wheel, because the sawtooth is the most sensitive part of the saw blade. If it is not handled properly, it will seriously affect the hard The use of carbide saw blades have the potential to cause scraps of scraps.

The above is a summary of the reasons and treatment methods for some saw blades to rust. I hope it is useful for everyone. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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