How to deal with the noise during the use of the saw blade

Why is there noise when using the saw blade:

1. The equipment is not placed in a horizontal position. If the machine is unstable, the machine will resonate and produce noise when the machine is running. 

2. The motor and spindle rotate too fast and generate noise. 

3. The saw blade is not installed correctly, and the installation direction is opposite to the running direction of the spindle.

How to solve the noise:

1. Check whether the machine is placed horizontally. Place it on the plane of the machine and check that the machine is in a horizontal position.

2. If there are no special requirements, the speed of the motor and the spindle can not be too high, enough. The speed is too fast, it is easy to produce mechanical resonance and generate noise.

3. Check whether the saw blade is installed correctly, and the installation direction of the saw blade is the same as the running direction.

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