How to reduce wear on granite diamond saw blades

The concentration of granite diamond saw blades determines the service life of granite diamond saw blades. Increasing the concentration of diamonds is expected to increase the life of granite saw blades. The so-called diamond concentration of granite saw blade refers to the density of the distribution of granite in the carcass of the working layer. Increasing the diamond concentration is expected to extend the life of the granite saw blade, because increasing the concentration reduces the average cutting force experienced by each granite. In general, the higher the hardness of the bonding agent, the stronger its anti-wear ability.

How to reduce the wear of the granite saw blade?

1. Granite saw blades often work for a long time, so the wear of the cutter head is very large, and the cutter head needs to be constantly replaced.

2. The quality of the granite saw blade itself, the diamond grade, content, particle size, matching of the binder and diamond, and the shape of the tool and other factors related to the tool itself are important factors that affect tool wear.

3. The wear of granite saw blades will be affected by the material being cut, the selected feed rate and cutting speed, and the geometry of the workpiece.

4. The fracture toughness and hardness of different workpiece materials are quite different, so the nature of the workpiece material also affects the wear of granite saw blades.

5, the higher the quartz content, the more severe the diamond wear; if the content of orthoclase is significantly higher, the sawing process is relatively difficult to perform; under the same sawing conditions, coarse-grained granite is finer than fine-grained flowers Granite is more difficult to cleave.

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