Diamond Saw Blade Common Problems and Solutions

When saw blades are used, they encounter a variety of problems, such as undurable, tooth-breaking or cracks in the substrate, so how should we treat it, scrap replacement or recycling? Obviously all we have to do is maximize the use of saw blades to reduce production costs!

Saw blade common problems and workarounds:

1, Installation problems caused by non-durable
Saw bladein the installation, must ask professionals to operate, pay attention to the direction (serrated direction to the right), check whether the parts of the screw tightening, saw blade installation, must put flat, and then screw!

2, The coordination of the performance between the accessories
After installing the saw blade, be sure to empty for a few seconds, to ensure that all links do not have problems, if the sawing time, there is a swing, vibration, sound instability and other conditions, must be corrected in time.

3, Equipment accessories aging or unstable
Checking equipment accessories for aging or unstable operation is also one of the important reasons why the blade is not durable. Rapid inspection, can be judged by sound, such as the operation of the device when the sound, saw blade operation when the sound is not smooth, etc. , are one of the symptoms of equipment instability or aging symptoms.

4, Clean up the health
Equipment after work, will produce a large number of iron chips, this time to clean up in a timely manner, if not cleaned for a long time, will lead to iron chips inside the equipment or into the blade site, which will indirectly lead to equipment instability or saw blade teeth and other conditions occur. So we must carry out sanitary cleaning before use.

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