How diamond segment affecting diamond saw blade’s working efficiency and life

 (1) Diamond particle size: Commonly used diamond granularity in the 30/35~60/80 range. The harder the rock, the more granular it should be selected. Because under the same pressure conditions, the finer the diamond, the more sharp, is conducive to cutting into the hard rock. In addition, the general large diameter saw blades require high sawing efficiency, it is advisable to choose with a thicker granularity, such as 30/40,40/50, small diameter saw blade sawing efficiency is low, the rock sawing section is required to be smooth, it is advisable to choose a finer granularity, such as 50/60,60/80. 

(2) Knife head concentration: Increasing diamond concentration is expected to prolong the life of the saw blade, because increasing the concentration reduces the average cutting force per diamond. However, increasing the concentration will inevitably increase the cost of the saw blade, so there is a most economical concentration, and the concentration increases with the increase of sawing rate. 

(3) Hardness of the knife head binder: Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the binder, the stronger its anti-wear ability. Thus, when sawing large rock, the hardness of the binder should be high, when sawing soft rock, the hardness of the binder should be low, when sawing abrasive large and hard rock, the hardness of the binder should be moderate.

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