The application of the CBN Wheels

1.The first choice of the soft steel.A lot of experience shows that the CBN wheels makes a very ideal effect on the soft steel, and efficiency increased by about 100%, economic benefits increased by 200%.
2.The fine grinding and final grinding workpiece which mass produced on the automatic machine(such as miniature bearings, air compressors, crankshafts, camshafts, high-precision threads, instrumentation, etc.)
3.The complex surface workpiece required to have a good angular retention(gear cutter, pull knife, high-precision gears,etc) 
4.The fine grinding and final grinding of the large precision workpieces (machine guide rails, high-precision screws, etc.)
5.The fine grinding and final grinding of precision parts made of alloy steel by heat-resistant steel and high hardness (HRC55 above).
6.Special steel such as tungsten, tungsten molybdenum high-speed steel, vanadium alloy steel, cobalt alloy steel, special high-speed steel tool grinding.
7.Titanium alloy grinding

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