Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Concrete

A brief introduction to the construction process of cutting concrete and drilling with drill segment using gold stone blade.

Introduction to the process: 
Diamond saw blade cutting concrete is the use of water cooling diamond track cutting machine for the opening of concrete, demolition, construction speed, no noise, no vibration, good quality, no impact on the construction structure, is to replace electric hammers, wind, artificial brazing and other vibration of larger tools of construction of the most advanced technology. 
Concrete drilling using diamond water drilling rig is widely used in concrete pipe drilling, ultra-thick group cutting, with high construction accuracy, high speed, no impact on the construction structure and so on.

Process features: 
1, High construction accuracy, fast speed. 
2, The demolition of concrete is not limited by the construction site, environmental protection, duration, safety reasons and other conditions, breaking the traditional construction method of gas cutting or directional blasting after the removal of the wind pickaxe, which has the advantages of not affecting the normal traffic around, short duration and high safety factor. 

Scope of application: 
1, Cutting machine cutting is widely used in various types of concrete structure reconstruction, such as floor, wall cutting openings. 
2, Diamond drill opening cutting is widely used in concrete pipe drilling, ultra-thick groups, floor cutting and so on. 

Construction deployment:
For the larger area of floor demolition, in principle, follow the two sides of the building to the middle demolition, first demolition of the floor board after the removal of beams, columns. In order to lift convenient, most of the cutting should be carried out in the bottom-up construction order, local small-scale cutting can be based on the actual situation on the site using the order from top to bottom step by step. In special cases, the construction steps can be flexibly coordinated on site.

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