Application Range of Diamond Polishing Pad

Diamond polishing pad is diamond as abrasive, combined with composite materials made of flexible processing tools, the back of the adhesive nylon buckle cloth, glued to the joint of the grinder, for grinding, can be stone, ceramics, glass, floor tiles and other materials for special type processing, suitable for stone polishing, line chamfering, arc plate and shaped stone processing, Can also be used in marble, coagulation, cement floor, terrazzo, microcrystalline glass, artificial stone, floor tiles, glazed brick, glass brick-shaped processing, repair and renovation, with strong grinding force, good durability, good softness, clarity, good gloss, is the ideal stone grinding tool.

1, For artificial stone, granite and marble stone processing, with a complete specification of the granular color system and good flexibility, lines, chamfers, arc plate, and shaped stone processing is handy, there are a variety of shapes, specifications can be selected, a variety of particle size is easy to identify, according to the needs and habits flexible with a variety of hand mill use.  

2, Used by granite, marble, artificial slate after laying a variety of ground, slab treatment and renovation, according to the needs and habits of flexible use of a variety of hand grinders or refurbishment machines.  

3, For tile grinding and polishing, tile manufacturers supporting manual, automatic full-throw machine, semi-throwing machine for microcrystalline brick, glazed brick and antique brick full-throw, half-throwing treatment, glossy, matte arbitrary selection, light brightness value of more than 90; Flexible use with a variety of hand grinders or refurbishers according to your needs and habits. Share from Reiter Grinding.  

4, For industrial flooring, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floor or a variety of aggregate hardener ground renovation treatment, especially the current popular liquid hardener flooring project, according to the needs and habits of flexible with a variety of hand grinders or refurbishers, the selection of different grain size of DS grinding, for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing treatment.

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