Analysis of Factors Influencing Diamond Grinding Wheel

Have you encountered a blockage problem when using a diamond wheel? What causes it?

The main factors of diamond wheel clogging are as follows:

1. Abrasive types The degree of blockage of different grinding wheels varies greatly. From the viewpoint of reducing the degree of blockage and improving the grinding effect, different types of materials should be used for different workpiece materials. C If the abrasive used can not meet the performance of the workpiece material. It is easy to produce sharp blockages, making processing impossible.

2. Abrasive particle size Abrasive particle size has a certain effect on clogging of grinding wheels. Generally speaking, the particle size is more prone to blockage than the rent particle size. Compare the wA46G grinding wheel with the WA6 (iv grinding wheel. Under the same conditions, the latter has a large amount of clogging. However, using the wA2 closed and wA6 closed grinding wheels, compare the number of cuts (125 times). On the contrary, the amount is reduced. Because the pore volume and the cross-section area of ​​the fine-grained grinding wheel are small, the number of cutting edges of the fine-grained grinding wheel is increased, and the number of chips is increased. In addition, the grinding temperature is increased, so the range of the number of cuts is small. In the 7L gap of the fine-grain leather grinding wheel, the number of the chips and the size of the chips on the abrasive particles and the bonding agent is large.

With the increase of the number of no-entry times, compared with fine-grained wheels, the cutting depth of the rented-grain wheels is greater, the abrasive wear of the abrasive particles is larger, the U grinding temperature increases, and the sintered particles in the gaps increase.
After a certain number of times, the blockage of the coarse-grained wheel exceeds the blockage of the fine-grained wheel.

3. The hardness of diamond grinding wheel Generally speaking. The more convenient the wheel, the larger the jammer. The hardness is selected from G-H, in some difficult-to-machine materials. D-O hardness is also often used.

4. Diamond grinding wheel organization The denser the grinding wheel organization, the larger the number of abrasive grains, the shorter the distance between the cutting edges, and the easier it is to block. Grinding wheels with 45% abrasive grains are half less than the average plugging amount with 49.2% of grinding open; Grinding wheels with 53% abrasive grains are twice as high as the average plugging amount with 49.2% of grinding grain For difficult-to-machine materials that are prone to blockage, a 7-8 grade structure is generally used, and the grinding effect of atmospheric hole grinding wheels is better.

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