What should be paid attention to when using wire drawing dies

In daily work, in order to make the service life of the wire drawing die longer, the wire drawing die will be maintained after use. So do you know what you need to pay attention to when using the wire drawing die?

1. Surface pretreatment: For the wire with dirty surface and more impurities, it must be cleaned and dried before being drawn; for the wire with more oxide on the surface, it must be finely acidized and dried After drawing, for the wire with peeling, pits, heavy skin and other phenomena on the surface, it must be polished by a polisher before drawing;

2. Heat treatment: For wires with excessive hardness or uneven hardness, the hardness should be reduced by annealing or tempering, and the wire should be maintained with good hardness uniformity before drawing.

After processing the wire, it is conducive to better ensure the service life of the wire drawing die and the high finish and high quality of the wire surface.

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