How to maintain diamond wet polishing pad

At present, a diamond wet polishing pad is used more and more widely for grinding stone. After using diamond soft abrasive discs to grindstone, in order to maintain the service life of diamond water abrasive discs, daily cleaning and care are essential. But what about routine maintenance of a diamond wet polishing pad? Let's take a look at it together.

1. Regularly carry out the dust removal and cleaning work of the diamond wet polishing pad to ensure the normal cleaning of the diamond wet polishing pad is also very conducive to the removal of gravel;

2. Clean up the spill in time, and never leave heavy objects, or coffee and alcohol on the diamond water milling disc for a long time;

3. Remove the gravel in time, the gravel will directly cause the wear of the surface of the diamond wet polishing pad. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, a dust-removing mat should be laid, so as to prevent the gravel from entering the room more effectively;

4. Be sure to use a relatively high-quality sealant to seal the diamond wet polishing pad, because the sealing will be more conducive to the natural appearance of the diamond wet polishing pad, it can also effectively improve the appearance of dark light on the surface, and can also play an appropriate role. Anti-fouling ability.

The above is the nursing method of the diamond wet polishing pad, and regular maintenance work can also effectively improve its long-term use.

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