what are the characteristics of glass cutting diamond saw blade ?

1. According to the material of the cutter head:

Natural diamond glass knives, synthetic diamond glass knives, carbide knives. Mainly the part of the cutter head, which is also a key part of the glass cutter, determines the cutting quality of the glass cutter. The cutter head has a sharper but sharper edge. With a glass knife across the surface of the glass, the blade leaves a sharp groove at the bottom of the glass. This side of the glass strip is then pulled, and because of the sharpness of the bottom of the groove, there is a large concentration of stress, and the glass of the brittle material easily ruptures along this groove.

2. Handle material points:

Glass knife with aluminum handle, glass knife with mahogany handle, glass knife with plastic handle, glass knife with bronze handle. The handle material takes into account the user's hand feeling, the strength with which the strength is applied, and the aesthetics of the product. Shape and use: Straight shank hand-held glass knives, T-type push knives, compass cutters, plate glass knives, glass knives with kerosene brushes, glass knives with stabilizers, the cutter head can be rotated New glass knives that swing forward and backward, imitation Korean roller knives, German glass knives, Japanese glass knives, etc.

3. Classified by function:

Multi-function glass knives, electric pen-type glass knives, positioning-type dual-purpose glass knives, glass knives that can be connected to a tape measure, and six-wheel glass knives.

4. According to the way of use:

Automatic oil-filled glass cutter, rotary glass cutter with self-lubricating oil.
(1). Due to the use of metal material as the steel core, the rigidity of the cutting blade is improved, and it is more suitable for deep cutting.
(2). The excellent wear resistance of the working layer makes the cutter body have a long service life.
(3), a variety of bonding agents, to meet the choice of more suitable cutting blades for different processing objects.
(4). The precise adjustment of the diamond abrasive grains and the concentration degree makes the blade have good sharpness in the cutting process, and the cutting surface has the characteristics of high smoothness and good verticality.
(5), precise processing means to ensure the geometrical dimensions of the blade with high precision.

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