Methods of long-lasting diamond blades

The diamond saw blade keeps cutting time for a long time, and the sharpness of the tool is unimpeded. How can the diamond saw blade be cut longer?

During the sawing of the diamond saw blade, the saw blade runs at high speed, and the saw blade base and the cuttings flow cause friction and wear. Since the radial wear of the segment is inconsistent with the lateral wear, when the working layer of the segment is exhausted, the friction between the diamond saw blade base and the cuttings is increased, resulting in a “clip saw”, which will cause wear of the saw blade base and Deformation, reducing the number of times the substrate can be reused.

1. When repairing asphalt and concrete pavement, it is sometimes necessary to cut deep and wide slots. The diamond saw blade can be sintered with diamond block by using refined iron-based inserts, and then inserted into the saw blade base. It is more flexible when sawing zigzag or non-uniform width slots, which can greatly reduce the heat generated by friction between the block and the base during sawing and the heat conducted to the substrate, avoiding thermal deformation of the substrate and premature failure.

2. The hard particles are welded on the diamond saw blade substrate by uniform distribution in the circumferential direction and staggered distribution in the radial direction by means of electric welding. The method can reduce the wear of the cuttings flow on the side of the base body, but will increase the manufacturing cost of the base body and the difficulty of correcting the deformation of the base body.

3. Spray a layer of WC-Co as the main component on the side of the diamond saw blade substrate by low-temperature spraying. This method not only prevents side wear but also increases the rigidity of the saw blade.

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